49) Bonus Countries: New Zealand & Tahiti

Hey Y’all, I’m sitting in a beer joint in Papeete, Tahiti, where the Cap Capricorn has made a short stop (16 hours) to deliver cargo. I’m drinking a “Hinano” beer, which the lady says is the best in Tahiti, but the bar is also named “Hinano”, so who knows. It’s damn good beer on a hot Tahitian afternoon, I’ll confess to that.

Today is Friday, Dec. 8, and I’ve been on the Cap Capricorn since Nov. 28, the last time you heard from me. Last Sunday we made a short stop in Tauranga, New Zealand.  I rented a car and drove up into the countryside to see what New Zealand looks like.  I’ve got to tell you that it is the most beautiful place I’ve been on this trip. (have I said that before?) With beaches and sailing and diving at the ocean, and white water rafting and snow skiing and hiking in the mountains, and glaciers and lakes and farms and…, well you get the picture.  I only saw one corner of it, but New Zealand goes on the list of countries that I’d like to see a lot more of, later.

I’m afraid I’m seeing even less of Tahiti.  I’m not even getting out of the capital city- Papeete, which is pretty crowded and noisy.  Not what you imagine when you think of Tahiti. But the rest of the country is beautiful (apparently) and it deserves a visit on it’s own terms, later.

We are supposed to leave port around midnight, bound for Oakland. My present understanding is that we should pass under the Golden Gate Bridge and make port in Oakland on December 20.  That’s great news for my schedule- I have a train ticket to Denver dated December 23.

The next 12 nights will be onboard the Cap Capricorn, steaming towards America at 20 miles per hour, for 4400 miles.

That’s where you’ll hear from me next.  I expect to post once in California, maybe once in Denver, and then close this thing out with one final post when I arrive back at the Gap Creek Ranch in Texas.

So wish me luck, y’all.  I’ll soon undertake the most dangerous segment of this entire journey:  crossing the United States of America.

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