48) Homeward Bound

It’s a fine day in Sydney, and my last.  After spending the past 4 weeks crossing Australia, and after spending the past 7 months crossing the planet, I am at last heading home.  Emotions have been building over the past days in anticipation of beginning my return, and while I won’t actually complete my journey by returning to the Gap Creek Ranch until the end of December, I’m ready to be home.

But first things first- as soon as they finish loading this container ship, the Cap Capricorn, we’ll leave port headed east for a stop in New Zealand, and then northeast across the Pacific Ocean, bound for Oakland, California.

Cap Capricorn
Sydney to Oakland in 23 days.

As it stands now, I’m the sole passenger on this ship.  The captain thinks we will pick up more passengers in New Zealand.  I sure hope so, otherwise its going to be a long and lonely 23 day crossing.

If we stay on schedule (no guaranties) we will arrive in Oakland on December 22nd.  Then I’ll board an Amtrak train on the morning of the 23rd headed east to arrive in Denver at my son Christopher’s house, hopefully on Christmas Eve at 7pm.


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  1. Kevin…you are going to be in Oakland, Calif and not see us??? LOL. Where are you these days? Do you plan to be home in time for your Dads funeral on Saturday? Questions, questions, I know, I know. Let me hear from you. Aunt Nita

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