39) CMA CGM Bellini

I boarded the CMA CGM Bellini this afternoon at the port of Singapore.  Its a good news/bad news story at the moment.

The good news- I made my ship, a milestone event.  The bad news- we’re stuck in port till tomorrow afternoon- further delaying my arrival in Australia, and shortening the time I will have there. I may have to make adjustments when I get to Perth, we’ll see.

The good news: my cabin is very comfortable.  The bad news: the air conditioning is broken on this ship, and it won’t be fixed until we arrive in Australia- as I disembark!  So here I am sitting on the Equator, with 90+ degree temperatures and 100% humidity.  I’ve got my portal open, but there’s no breeze.  I’m sweating profusely as I write this.

The good news:  I couldn’t be happier, y’all!  I am once again reminded just how  splended this adventure continues to be.  

FYI- I’ve got limited technology right now- no wifi, only cellular, so I’ll probably upload text only and post pictures later.  I’ve got some really good pics of the ship and the port works.  (You can see a good photo of the Bellini in post # 38- “When My Ship Comes In”). This is an amazing vessel with interesting people and gigantic freight handling systems.  The port works of Singapore are mind bogglingly huge and complex- the 2nd largest in Asia.  

This is way better entertainment than Karaoke Night on the cruise ship.


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