38) When My Ship Comes In

Well I’ve reached Singapore at the end of the Malay Peninsula, marking the end of the Asian portion of my adventure. This past week I traveled down from Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then to Malacca, Malaysia, and then finally yesterday from Malacca to Singapore by bus.

I’m waiting on my container ship- the CMA CGM Bellini (Bellini) to arrive in port.  I will embark on a 9 day voyage on the Bellini from Singapore to Fremantle, Australia, which is on the western coast of “OZ”, next to Perth.

CMA CGM Bellini

We were supposed to sail on Saturday, the day after tomorrow,   BUT there is a hang up-   The CC Bellini is late!  The port master informed me yesterday that my “berthing time” has been amended to Monday at 10 am.

Becoming simultaneously anxious and suspicious, I did a quick position search on vesselfinder.com and determined that as of yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon the Bellini was still sitting at anchor in Fremantle, Australia!  She finally got underway only last night for the 2900 NM voyage from Fremantle to Singapore.

Here’s the position of the CC Bellini as of this morning (Thursday):

The current position of the Bellini as of Thursday morning (10/19) off the west coast of Australia. The blue dot is my position in Singapore.




This leads me to predict that my Monday berthing will likely be even further delayed, as I just don’t see the Bellini completing this 2900 KM voyage from Fremantle to Singapore by Monday morning, especially at her posted speed of 19 kph.

Now just to be fair- Singapore is an very interesting city-state, and I will be posting on her shortly, but I am really ready to set sail for Australia.  I’m just sitting here realizing that I’ve been in South East Asia since September 1st, and I’ve been in Asia since August 5th.  It’s time for a new continent!

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