34) Cambodia, briefly

On Sunday morning, September 17 I left Saigon on the morning bus for Phenom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia.  I spent 3 nights in Phenom Penh, and then took another bus to Siem Reap, where I spent only one night before moving on to Thailand.

Cambodia is flatter and poorer than Vietnam.  Most people think Cambodia is a Communist country, but its not.  It’s a  monarchy with a figurehead king, and a “democracy” run by a very corrupt dictator who has been the prime minister since 1985.  The day I arrived he had the main opposition leader arrested for trumped up charges.  It’s a mess of a government, and the condition of the country is suffering accordingly.

I was all camera’d out after Vietnam, so I only took a handful of photos during my 4 days in Cambodia.

Rural Cambodia. Recognize the familiar logo on the left?
Notice the garbage. Cambodians liter their country terribly, and dump whole loads of garbage anywhere and almost everywhere, and nobody cleans any of it up. It is without exception the dirtiest country I have visited. Which is strange because it is sandwhiched in between two of the cleanest countries- Vietnam and Thailand. I attribute the differnece to bad and corrupt government, but the people don’t seem to care either way.
Tuk tuk driver.
Riding in a tuk tuk through the streets of Phnom Penh.
Red light street, viewed from a safe distance.
Local restaurant.
This might make some sense if I could read Khmer.

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  1. Kevin
    You look well and relaxed in your picture in the taxi. Looks like the Asian way of life is treating you well. Have a fun trip the next few weeks. Keep us all posted.

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