32) Rural Vietnam

The De Vong River, seen from Tra Que Village near Hoi An, Vietnam.

I had originally planned on passing through Vietnam quickly, spending only a couple of days total- all in Hanoi in the north.  But my plan & route changed and I ended up traveling the whole length of Vietnam from north to south.  I’m sure glad I did, because Vietnam has turned into one of the highlights of this whole journey. The food, the scenery, but mostly the wonderful people have been a great and joyful surprise.  Would you believe- they love Americans here, and are so proud that you have chosen to visit their country.

View from my balcony in Tra Que Village. Fish farm tanks in the foreground, De Vong River in the background.
Walking the girls down the road.

Hay cutting & stacking. No baling machines here, it’s all done the old way- by backbreaking human labor.

Gardens from which all of the local restaurant produce is grown. Your veggies & salad at dinner were picked earlier in the day.
This restaurant is sitting out in the middle of the gardens, and down the path from the fish farm. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.
Ancient irrigation methods exist side-by-side with modern sprinkler systems.
View from Tra Que Garden Restaurant.
Fish farms are numerous around Tra Que Island.
Picking veggies.

The husband steers while the wife bails water with a cup.
Unlike the water buffalo in Africa, which are wild and extremely dangerous, these are quite domesticated.

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