30) Mo’ Pho!

With as many Pho restaurants as there are in Dallas these days, you would have thought I would have had some by now.  But I just ate my first bowl of Pho ever here in Hanoi at a little place called Phở Gia Truyền, which translates simply to “Traditional Noodle Soup”.  That’s all they serve here, you can get a small, medium or large bowl.

Pho is usually eaten at breakfast in Vietnam.  At this place it is served with tender cooked beef and a few herbs and veggies, but the secret to great Pho is in the broth.

The locals are literally lined up down the street to get into this place, where you pay $2.20 for a large bowl of Pho. You’ll sit all together at little plastic tables on wooden stools in a tiny, crowded restaurant with no air conditioning- because it’s the best damn stuff you’ve ever tasted.

Any time you see the locals line up outside of a restaurant, get in line.
The little tables overflow out onto the sidewalk and down the block.
Order the Tai Nam.    50,000 Vietnamese Dong equates to about $2.20.
Sitting in the back corner, sweating my ass off- mainly because of the peppers I added to my Pho.  Beware those little red peppers!

3 thoughts on “30) Mo’ Pho!”

  1. One thing I want to know. When you eat real Chinese food, are you hungry in thirty minutes?
    seriously, that does look like a good bowl of soup.

  2. Excellent!! This is exactly what I do, find the local food hot spot and read the times the line is less and plan around it. YUM!!! And look at that bowl of Thai Chilis! HOLY CRAP!! How much of that did you use??

    1. Hi JoAnn,
      I used too many of them, I’ll tell you that. The food all across Viet Nam has been amazing. I had no idea they ate this well.

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