28) China Photos

Shanghai skyline
Oriental Pearl Tower
On the subway- Shanghai
Shanghai Train Station
Nanning skyline- all apartment buildings- continuing for a full 360 degree in every direction.
2 guys working on 6th floor rooftop. No rails, no harness, no problem… no OSHA.
Night market- Nanning.
Night market- Nanning.
Meat market- Nanning.
Prince Kung’s Mansion- Beijing
Prince Kung’s Mansion- Beijing
Beihai Park- Beijing
Beihai Park- Beijing
Dairy Queen. It’s all ice cream, no DQ Dudes.
Walmart-Nanning.  Huge & jam-packed with shoppers.  This is the grocery floor, there are 5 more floors.
More moto’s than you’ve ever seen- Nanning
Shanghai at night
Shanghai- the street where I live

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