Half Way

Greetings from Beijing, China.

With all the drama of Siberia, and with my subsequent escapism into Mongolia, I failed to acknowledge an important milestone.  As I rode through Novosibirsk, Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway, I passed the geographic halfway point- exactly 180 degrees around the planet from the Gap Creek Ranch.

And now, at the end of August here in China, I’m 4 months into this 8 month journey.

Halfway, y’all.

From here, it’s onto Shanghai, and then down into Vietnam. I’m making my way south now, trying to get on down to Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

But first things first- I’m working on my post about Beijing, and will publish it shortly.

Thanks to all you guys for posting comments. The encouragement is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Half Way”

  1. Mac,

    You got a big following of Highlanders!!!! It’s awesome to imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes. And your commitment to the blog is killer. Don’t turn back now!!!

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