26) Mongolia Photos

Genghis Khan
…and his brother, Don
The beautiful Central Mongolian countryside.
Big Bird
Cool multi-piece sculpture of a camel caravan. (note the dog)


Real camels.
Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue. 130 ft. tall.
Note the people standing on the observation deck on the horse’s head.

The ger where I ate lunch.
Inside the ger Big Mama is cooking up some horse meat.
Fine dining in the Mongolian Countryside. Note the enthusiasm of the diners. The guy on the left is fromHong Kong, the guy in the middle is from Belgium.  The guy on the right is our guide- he loves the horse meat.
View from my apartment.
My friend Timeer the ninja gold miner. He bought me a beer and explained his world to me, in Mongolian.  Ninja gold miners are free lance entreprenure prospectors.  The good ones get rich.
Gobi Desert town in southern Mongolia.
Gobi Desert. Looks just like a West Texas border town.


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  1. Kevin
    Cant wait for your next post. Believe it or not I have your blog on my phone as a short cut and check often looking for your next blog. I know you have good following of readers of your blog. I and others have sent you blog out to read. Mike George and I usually talk about your blog over lunch at least twice a week. I apologize for posting back on each one. Others must be shy to share. Your writing is excellent. “Open the door” was a short suspense filled story. You are giving us a good view of the world. Thank you for taking the time to share your adventures. If and when I see you I will want to hear more about a trip of a life time.

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