20b) Visions of Moscow

St. Basil’s Cathedral
The most beautiful building in the world.
Front Side- facing Red Square.


St. Basil’s Cathedral
Facing the Moskva River
The Kremlin
Old & New Moscow
Typical Moscow Traffic
Red Square
Lenin’s Maus0leum on Red Square
He’s still in there, but they don’t offer guided tours of his mummified body anymore.
Churches at the other end of Red Square
Kremlin Guard Tower
Our apartment buildng on Krasnokholmkaya Naberezhnaya Street. The apartment overlooks the Moskva River.



Moscow Apartment
Moscow apartment
Cathedral along the Moskva River
One of the “Seven Sisters”.
Soviet skyscrapers built during the Stalin Era
This construction project is right next to Red Square, along the Moskva River. It is going to be a park featuring high-tech eco-zones representing Russia’s ecological diversity. Should be really cool when it’s finished.
People Watching
Walking advertisement
Beggar (we donated)
People Watching
People Watching
People Watching



War Veteran, probably from either the War in Chechnya or Afghanistan
Moscow girl
We ate at only the finest restaurants

2 thoughts on “20b) Visions of Moscow”

  1. No worries about Red Square pictures. These are great. you could tell me that these photos were taken in any “democratic” country and I would buy it. People are not different, governments are. Your next mission, should you accept it, is to get me a piece of Ayers rock, if its legal and you are in fact going there. I know its later in your trip,but maybe you can remember. I have always been enamored with that place for some reason. You also need to try Vegemite while your there. Try to keep the wind at you back my friend.

  2. Kevin
    Wow a picture is a thousand words. Moscow seems to be a very normal city. I am sure enjoying your trip from afar. Stay safe as you cross the wilderness. I am sure it will change quickly as you travel by train.

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