16) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark- July 5, 2017

Arrived in Copenhagen on July 4 to a 5th floor walk-up airbnb in a neighborhood apartment building .  I like this city a lot.

It’s Scandinavia’s answer to Amsterdam, with better food and a better summer weather. I went on a 12 kilometer walk today through the streets of Copenhagen, which took about 4.5 hours including lunch. So far, the Scandinavian summer has been quite favorable, right now you can spend a whole day out of doors without the temperature getting above the high 60’s.


I’m shopping at local grocers for breads & cheeses for breakfast.  One thing that Copenhagen lacks compared to Hamburg & Amsterdam is the croissant & pastry culture.  I forgot to mention previously that I ate the best croissants of my life at of a small bakery in suburban Amsterdam last week, so I’m presently giving Holland the nod on the best croissants on the planet.

Copenhagen is about as funky & laid-back a city as you can find in Europe.  The Copenhagen Jazz Festival starts on Friday & runs for a couple of weeks.  I leave on Saturday, but I might catch one of the opening venues.

Here are some photos with a caption now and then:

Copenhagen has more bicycles than cars.
Some version of beer frisbee.
Courtyard view from my apartment. Chicken coop on left.
Chicken coop
The girls.


Copenhagen Opera House

3 thoughts on “16) Copenhagen, Denmark”

  1. Kevin
    Keep the pictures and next stop coming. Liked the chicken coop in the city. Community chickens is what Dallas needs down town.

    “For the born traveller, travelling is a besetting vice. Like other vices, it is imperious, demanding its victim’s time, money, energy and the sacrifice of comfort.”

    Good luck
    Charles C.

    1. Hey Charles,
      God to hear from you, thanks for the encouragement- I’m gonna keep heading east till I get back to where I come.

  2. Love the pictures! That’s a nice coop. The hens look like ours but their coop might be a 4 star. Glad to hear about Copenhagen.

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