15) Hamburg, Germany

Well Hamburg turned out to be a pretty cool place, I’m glad I came here after all.  You just have to get out there & see a town before you make up your mind about it.  Hamburg reminds me a lot of Dallas- but with better architecture. Like Dallas- a booming economy means tourism is NOT their primary focus, emphasis is placed on their new architecture, not their old.  The upper-middle class neighborhoods are very nice, as well as the central business district centered around a beautiful pair of lakes, but there is plenty of homelessness- more than I’ve ever seen at any one place.  There are construction cranes all over this city, and just like Dallas- a commercial interiors guy could make a fine living here.

The G-20 Summit is in town this weekend.  See protest picture below.  Not much of a crowd- but wait till Saturday!

Getting on a train in a couple of hours for Copenhagen, Denmark.  Should be there by mid-afternoon.


Hamburg’s new Opera House (their Morton Myerson). Cost 840 million euros. Architect was paid 220 mil. Good work here if you can get it.
An assortment of birds.
Not sure why I took this picture.

Early protest action for the G-20 Summit this weekend.
Cool buildings.
Cool buildings.
Bridge people- probably about 20.
The “Louisiana Star” riverboat appears to be lost.
Impressive port works- note the cranes.

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