11) Atlantic Crossing 3: Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends

As much as I have enjoyed my time here in the Azores, I am itching to get moving again.  One of the things you reconcile yourself to when you are sailing on someone else’s sailboat is that you sail on their schedule.  Since Andy& Mia’s business is sailing with paying crew, they quite reasonably program at week or two between their passages to de-boat the previous customers, re-provision & prep the boat, and then receive the next group.  Since I am booked for two consecutive passages, Bermuda-Azores and Azores-Scotland, I’ve been laying over in the Azores for 12 days now between passages.

We leave this afternoon- June 10, for Oban, Scotland.  The forecast predicts calm winds for the first 24 to 36 hours, so we may be motoring while we search for the winds.  We are scheduled to reach Oban by June 25, but if we have good winds we may arrive a day or two ahead of that, or, we may make an interim landfall in Ireland or southern Scotland to sample the local whiskeys.

The Azores have been a lovely place to visit.  Fun fact:  there are 2.5 cows for every human here, mostly Holsteins, so dairy products are their biggest exports, now that the whaling industry has been (rightfully) outlawed.  While here, I have enjoyed incredible cheeses, a different variety for each island, and a couple of mediocre steaks.

My next post will be in a couple of weeks, either from Oban or Edinburgh, Scotland.  Blue water sailing is a blast, but I’ll be ready to get on over to the UK, and then onto the continent.

When I reach Scotland, I will be 1/4th of my way around the planet.

Peace, love & happiness to all y’all.

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  1. Of course Oban Scotland has a distillery. Looks like some pretty good stuff. Oban Seafood Hut looks like a place to eat.

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