8) Seasick

The only time I was ever seasick before was that time in 1975 when Jay & I went scuba diving off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  We went several miles out to sea in a leaky fishing boat with only a driver (we won’t call him “captain”) and a 12 year old boy sitting in the bottom of the boat bailing water with a tin can for the entire trip.  We were fine going out, and we dove for about an hour in 70 to 90 feet, but we both got sick on the way back in.  To this day Jay claims that we weren’t seasick, but that we had “the bends” from diving too deep without adequate decompression. Whether it was seasickness or the bends, we probably deserved both.

I was fine the 1st few days of this crossing, even thru the 1st (and worst) round of rough weather.  But even though the seasickness came on slow, it came.  I won’t claim this was a major case of seasickness, but it was enough to send me to my bunk, and to the head (bathroom), and over the side of the boat.

I was wearing “the patch”, which is the scopolamine patch that you put behind your ear.  I had trouble getting the patch to stick & stay, and that was probably part of the problem.  There are several different approaches to preventing & treating seasickness, including prescription drugs like scopolamine, as well as Dramamine/Bonine & other over the counter medicines, ginger chewing gum, and what I thought was the most bullshit method of all-  acupressure wrist bands that are an adaptation of ancient Chinese acupuncture.  Guess which one ended up working best for me.

Thankfully, crew members Thane & Brenda Paulsen, experienced sailors who own their own cruising sailboat, had brought along some extra acupressure wristbands, which they generously offered to let me try.  They worked great!  For the next 3 or 4 days I used both the patch & the acupressure wristbands.  Then, it was wristbands only for the rest of the passage.  As it turns out, I suffered from seasickness for only two and a half days out of the 12 day sail.  Thank you Brenda & Thane, and thank you ancient Chinese medical “technology”- I’ll never doubt you again!

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